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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Last RSV Shot of the Season

Bright and early on Friday morning, Auntie Neystice (my best friend, Renee) came toodling on over to take us to the pediatrician's office for Hallie's last RSV shot of the season. Ney has been present for every single one of Hallie's RSV shots, and Hallie hates them (who wouldn't? The needles are as long as the ones that they use for horses and the medicine they contain are not vaccines in the classical sense but live antibodies. As the baby gets bigger, so does the dose -- we were within ten grams of having to have it broken up into two shots, something that I am sure that, holographic bandaids or no holographic bandaids, Hallie would have NOT at all enjoyed). Nonetheless, Hallie's has most certainly not projected her loathing of the needle onto Auntie Neystice. Indeed, she thinks Renee is a blast and they have a lot of fun giggling together. This is especially the case in the doctor's office because the examining rooms contain fun crackly paper. Yesterday, Hallie shredded the whole sheet during the twenty or so minutes we were in the exam room.

This shredding is caused mostly by the thump-thump-thumping of Hallie's legs. This has earned her the new nickname "Thumper." Hallie thumped on the exam table, thumped on the scale (it took a long time to get an accurate weight--which is 14 lbs. 2 ounces, or 6405 grams), thumped on the couch when we got home, thumped in her crib, and most recently thumped on the playmat in her room:

The image is a bit blurry (even on the sports setting) but that just reinforces how thumpy our thumper can be.

Tomorrow, I'll post some observations on our attempts to get Hallie to roll.


Maggie (Sarah's mom) said...

Yey for the last RSV shot! I am so ready for that season to be over so life can be much more interesting!

Good luck on the rolling over. For some reason Sarah refused to do anything when I tried (and definitely when I had video camera in hand). I swear I have hours of video of me saying 'Come on Sarah, I know you can do it' and she just looks at me. I turn the camera off and she'd roll...

Good luck!

23wktwinsmommy said...

Hurray last RSV shot for Hallie! (up here in Mass, the kiddos have one more on April!)
I am looking forward to see how the rolling over is going. It is something we have just tried to introduce...they look at me like I'm crazy, but we'll see as time goes on.
P.s. I finally glanced at the Preemie Magazine and saw your "shout out" to your NICU. I was like "I 'know' them!" Very cool.

Jamie and Jill said...

John had to get his synagis shot on Friday too. However, the chunker has to get 2 shots every time......we get 2 nurses and they do it at the same time:( We have an April dose and then we are done for good. We won't quailfy next year.

I love the picture with Hallie thumping her arms and legs....too funny!