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Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hallie has a new obsession: her tongue.

It can wiggle and wriggle in all sorts of interesting ways. It curls up, it curls down, it curls all around. Like Hallie herself, Hallie's tongue enjoys acrobatics.

You have to admit that she's a whole lot cuter than Mick Jagger:

It also helps her produce more drool, which Hallie sees as an asset. We're hopeful that tongue+drool=teeth. Keep your fingers (and your tongues) crossed that this is the week that something finally breaks through.

Finally, all of this advanced tongue activity is finally convincing Hallie to move beyond her safe "geh" consonant to a much more daring "beh". Sharon and I are pretty sure that we heard her say something like "bay" (as in 'baby') both last night and this morning.

And just because these pics are so damned cute, here are a couple of non-tongue related shots from this morning's photo shoot.

Happy spring everyone! It's finally arrived here and later on I'll try to post some pics of the salmon-throated daffodils that have popped up in our back yard.

And, speaking of spring, here's one more shameless plug for Team Hallie and Olivia. We are hopeful that next weekend's weather will be just as nice as this one's and that our Walk America Team, which now has around 30 members, will have a blast walking to raise money to heighten awareness about and help prevent prematurity. Hit the link to join our team or help our cause...and for those of you who already have joined and/or contributed, I want to send out a really big thank you. We've already raised above $2500 dollars and are hoping to hit the $3000 mark by the weekend---this is a whole lot more than the goal of $300 that I originally set for myself back in January.


terri c said...

She's so beautiful!!!! And looks like a happy baby who is just discovering new things all the time. What a treat to see.

Laura said...

wow you've hit your goal....awesome.
we are still working on reaching ours.

LOVE zerberts!!!
she is such a cutie.

Nancy said...

It's so funny when they figure out something new about their bodies. Wait until she has teeth and she just sits and chews and chews and chews....on nothing!

Jamie and Jill said...

The tongue pictures are so darn cute. John always sticks out his tongue when he's getting a new tooth.

Have fun at the walk tomorrow! I can't wait to see pictures.