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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preschool Musical

On the final Wednesday of summer camp, which was two weeks ago now (gasp!), the YCCA held a camp show and picnic for the campers' families. Since we don't really know very many of the other parents (really, just the ones whom I've met dropping off and picking up Hallie from school), we were planning on attending in the hopes of getting to know the YCCA family a bit better. I was hoping that Sharon could make it; she has a crazy deadline (really a series of crazy deadlines) at work and has been traveling back and forth between Philly and Maryland and DC for the past month or so. That Wednesday happened to be a DC day and so her presence at the picnic hinged upon her meeting and train schedule.

Anyway, we knew that Hallie had learned some cool new songs at camp and we had even managed to locate and download a couple of them. Thank goodness for Google and for the fact that Hallie's speech is now good enough that she was able to tell us what the lyrics were to the songs since their real titles are somewhat different than the ones by which she knows them by. So we knew that two of her favorite songs, "Happy Lemons" and "Surfing Song," are by a band called Ralph's World (that just happens to be playing at the Peanut Butter and Jam Series at World Cafe Live in Philly in November; we're there!).

What we did not know is that Hallie was learning these songs and accompanying choreography in preparation for this big performance. When I found this out (on the day of the picnic and show), I made sure to call Sharon post haste so that she was able to sit there in the audience with me and witness our kiddo's debut:

For most of the video, Hallie is off to the side in the back doing her moves, standing close to where the CD player is located (and next to one of her friends). However, part way through she notices us and comes over to say hi and then heads back to her position.

We think Hallie did a great job and we're happy we got this on tape. Hallie's been watching the performance and pointing out her friends to us. I know that she's excited that preschool is starting up again this Friday (it actually starts Thursday but she doesn't go on Thursdays) because I am sure that she misses some of her friends.

It will be interesting to see how she does at preschool now that she's talking A LOT more, but that is the subject of another post...

1 comment:

BusyLizzyMom said...

Way to go Hallie. It is so great that pre-school is working out for her. I am sure you both must be so happy.
It is amazing to see Lea almost crawling, I am sure you guys must be in awe at how effortless it can be for her as opposed to our girls. Elizabeth was almost 2 before she crawled.