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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Early Updates

I only started blogging about our life with Hallie a few weeks ago. Prior to that, I sent out a whole host of updates on a fairly regular basis via email. The early ones, which date back to right after the girls were born, contain a lot of technical information and might be of some use to parents out there dealing with the birth of their own micropreemies. Taken as a whole, they flesh out our experience and provide a window on our lives during the first seven months of Hallie's life. I decided to create a sub-blog that contains all of the posts in a single entry and will try to go back and add in some pictures later. It's probably best, if you'd like to comment, to comment here rather than there since I won't be logging onto that blog often, if at all. Anyway, the link to this update blog is in the side bar under "Old Updates--NICU diaries, etc--Twins then Hallie".

1 comment:

Lathan, Lauren, Logan, London said...

Oh my...I just started reading your older posts and it hit me like a ton of bricks when I got to the part about Olivia. What a brave little girl and I'm so sorry to hear that she lost her fight.

My babies were 28 weekers, and although that's suppossed to be a miracle age, they still had rough beginnings dealing with bilateral Level II and III/IV brain bleeds, all three having PDA surgeries etc. It just isn't fair what these preemies have to go through and I can't imagine the battle of a 23 weeker.

Congrats on being such great parents. Hallie is truely a beautiful little girl!

Best wishes,