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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Seven Month Birthday, Hallie!

Today, Hallie is seven months old. It's hard to believe that, seven months ago (in a few short hours), Sharon was going into hard labor with Hallie and Livvie. In some ways it seems like just yesterday; in other ways, like a million years and a lifetime ago.

Hallie celebrated her day by having few if any naps. Usually, it is Sharon who is concerned about Hallie's sleeping, and me with whether she is taking in enough ounces of her bottle. So it's refreshing (in a twisted sort of way) to have this reversal of roles. Indeed, one of the most interesting aspects of my relationship with Sharon is that, just when we think we've assumed stable identities, one or both of us change things up and end up reversing our positions. For example, I'm usually the one who is presumed to be anxiety-ridden and panicked about the least little thing. Two weeks ago, though, when we thought Hallie had caught the nasty cold that both of us had, Sharon was the one who was a bag of nerves and I was the one who said: 'listen, let's just wait and see. We can up her Albuterol dose as per the recommendations of her pulmonologist, monitor her temps and sats on the pulse ox, and not just run into the doctor's office.' Thankfully, she satted 100 even when she was playing and kicking up a storm, and she had no fever, and never did end up with our cold. Anyway, back to today: she ate well, but slept hardly a wink, so I have her in her bouncy seat nodding off next to me. Let's hope she gets a good hour in before Sharon gets home from work.

Part of the reason why Hallie didn't nap is because my mom, Grandma or Bubbe Jean, has come for a visit. She was thrilled to see how big Hallie has gotten and how well she looks. Hallie was very interested in Bubbe Jean and hence refused to sleep because it was totally more interesting to watch her grandmother. My mom brought Hallie a lovely jacket from Baby Gap because, as all of you who have seen Hallie's closet know, the kid simply does not have enough clothes (this is highly sarcastic; at some point I will take a picture of Hallie's closet and post it here---it really is astounding how much the kid owns in the way of outfits. She puts her mommies to shame---we walk around in formula-smeared rumpled sweaters and pjs that we've been wearing for days, and the kid is in a fresh outfit and has a new look every day, or every half day, really.

I'll post a seventh month shot of the kiddo in her snow bunny overalls (she looks totally cute in them) after dinner.

Meanwhile, please join us in a rousing chorus of Happy 7 month Birthday Hallie at 12:38am tonight, and please remember to reprise it in memory of Livvie two minutes later.


Sara Cohen said...

I sang to Hallie and Olivia while working here in east nursery. I am glad to hear that all is well and amazed at how great she looks. The picture of her in the exersaucer is priceless. I cannot believe she's seven months old already...I was working the night the girls were born and my own son was only six months old. Time really does fly. Take care and give her hugs from the NICU nurses!

Laura said...

awwwww she shares the 11th with my little man!
happy 7th month birthday sweet miss hallie! we'll have a slice of leftover birthday cake here in freezing, sunny california in your honor.