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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Re-Name That Blog!

Obviously, with the addition of Lea to our family, we need to rethink our blog title (don't worry...the URL will remain the same). The two of us are lacking in creative impulses right now (and while we do entertain seriously Hallie's suggestion that we call the blog 'Elmo', 'Barney,' or 'Zaboo', we think that might be a bit too confusing to readers.

So it's up to you. Just leave a comment if you have a clever blog title in mind and we'll announce the winning title at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, a few more recent pictures to inspire your creative juices.

Lea and her binky:

Lea in her swing:

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Lea looking so much bigger to us:

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Hallie loving on Lea:

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Emily said...

Wow, Lea's looking so big and adorable!

Sara Cohen said...

wow has she grown! Hallie looks like she's loving the big sister role!

Anonymous said...

I love Lea's hat! She is HUGE! and so pretty!

hmmm a title...

Jo said...

I'll have to think about the name, but I do have one other suggestion as long as you are taking them:-)

Have you considered changing the background? It's possible it's just me, but the white on blue with dots makes me dizzy. I love reading the blog, but I often get lost in a paragraph and find my eyes spinning. It's possible it's just me, so if you love it the way it is, just ignore me. But, if anyone else has mentioned it, add me to the list:-)

I will give more thought to the name. Isn't it crazy how much thought we give to these things? I sometimes just stare and stare at the screen trying to think of just the right catchy and clever blog title. I think it's because all the teachers I had that drummed it into me that the title of a paper or essay was so crucial. I can't escape it!

BTW - Lea is huge! And so cute:-)

Mommato4miracles said...

How about Life with the Girls...

Kelly said...

Name ideas...

1) Hallelujah for Hallie-Lea

2) We S.H.A.L Overcome