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Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's Play Ball!

Sharon and I are headed out to Citizen's Bank Park on this wet and snowy (yes, we did have some flakes earlier) April Fools day for Opening Day of the 2011 season (tickets to this game and five others were my Valentine's Day gift from Sharon this year.  Thanks, Sweetie!).

The kids are all decked out in their Phillies gear (their preschool was awash in shades of red and pinstripe) and very excited about it, too.  So in honor of the Phillies, I thought I'd break my blog silence and post this picture (alas they are not both looking at the camera, but I think we may have a decent Flip Video to upload later).

Let's go Phillies, and may the rain, rain go away and pretty much not bother coming back for a while!


Lydia said...

I was just wondering and worrying about you all. Good to hear from you :)

Anne said...

Hope you had a fun and not-so-snowy day!

Kelsi said...

OH.My.Goodness! They are adorable!!! Hope you had a blast! =)

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