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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Funky Hallie

Just a couple of pictures to tide us over while I compose a more substantive post about Hallie-related developments.

Hallie LOVES her chair and often dresses to match it. She has a pretty unconventional way of getting in, though. She used to climb over the back; now she goes in over the arm instead. Nothing is easy and straightforward with this kid! She also likes to stack toys on the chair, then get in and retrieve them (the keys she stole from mommy were the 'toy' of choice on this particular occasion. Sometimes she ends up knocking the toy off of the chair when she gets into it, and then has to get out and start the whole process all over again. Very funny little kid, our girl!

This second shot is from last night. The hat lasted a few minutes and the shoes not terribly longer. But the whole outfit as an ensemble made us think of the mod squad.

A whole bunch of things have happened since Friday, so stay tuned...

1 comment:

Kirsten Wood said...

Just FYI, George climbs into a very similar chair over the side of the arm as well. And knocks his toys down too, more often than not.

His current stunt is to accept food only when sitting in his bumbo (yes, we know: on the floor only). He will climb in, take one bite, climb out, go play, climb in, etc. Repeat, if you're lucky. More often he seems to opt for one-bite meals these days. Which would explain why he is still only about 22 pounds (at 17 months), so far as we can tell. [Which is fine; someone has to be in the 10th percentile, after all.] He clearly is his father's kid, and not mine!