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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Third Trimester, Baby!

Well we're off into uncharted marks the beginning of trimester number 3 for the as-yet-unnamed-one. (We promise to let you know when...and if...we ever settle on a name). The baby is extremely active and I'm now able to feel her kick quite frequently (she pummels Sharon pretty much constantly, especially if Sharon is trying to get any work done at her desk or sleep or something nonessential like that). Last they checked (week 25), the baby was breech, but it was way too soon to be concerned about that (WE HOPE!) and she might even have flipped by now (without one of those home ultrasound machines like Tom Cru.ise got installed, it's really a bit hard to tell). I'm assuming they will check on this at some point over the next few OB visits (next one: 29 weeks).

Meanwhile, Hallie seems to have passed her roast beef test. We're five days into it without any symptoms and so we're thinking it was the bananas that messed things up last time around (and perhaps the other additives in the relatively but not absolutely additive-free organic hot dogs we tried feeding her). This time, we're using the one safe brand of roast beef I've identified (the machines used in production, slicing, and packaging all have to be safe, and not just the beef itself). It's a shame she manages to eat so little (average serving: anywhere between an eight and a quarter of a 10 to 20 calories, at best). So we obviously cannot take her off of the baby food we shovel into her just yet, but maybe someday. And her chew looks good, when she's feeling cooperative. (Not like yesterday during OT when Hallie wriggled, swatted, ducked, and even hugged the sliver of roast beef I was trying to get her to eat, all in an effort to keep from putting it into her mouth). Normally she'll eat fairly willingly (especially if you bribe her with french fries or potato sticks but only after she finishes the tiny portion of roast beef). Anyway, it seems like enough to rule out a major allergy/intolerance to beef and hopefully we'll be able to beef up her portions down the road.

Yesterday was day 149 of vomit free life around here, and if we keep going at a similar pace, I don't see why we won't make 175 days this year. Woo hoo.

OK, back to work now. I promise to try to take and upload pictures soon, but meanwhile am under a pretty major deadline crunch and cannot even afford the time to post, really.


Mommato4miracles said...

Congrats on making it to the 3rd trimester!!! As far as the breech thing goes, my son turned the day I had him when I was in labor at 35wks 3times!!! So no biggee yet. Also thanks for sharing about the milk allergy stuff. Unfortunately they have decided that it is not a milk allergy and are not sure what it is. We had a meckel scan last week, and still no answer. Awesome news about the roast beef too.

Lindsey: Mama of Andrew, Adam, and Ally said...

Yay for the third trimester, that's wonderful!!! May you all enjoy many, many more weeks before you meet the new baby!

Laura said...

that sweet girl still has lots of room and lots of time to flip. my 3rd daughter, abby, was breech until sometime between week 34 and week 35. good Lord! she is turning 15 tomorrow. time flies much too fast.
i am doing the 3rd trimester happy dance for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hooray third trimester! Hooray roast beast!

Sarah said...

Whoopdedoo for my Suburu on the third trimester (so I watched too much TV as a kid.)

Anyway, congrats on the 149 vomit-free days! I lost count, meaning, they were so few and far between it seemed pointless to count.

And way to go on the roast beef.

Does Hallie need any type of digestive enzymes? (I have a friend who has multiple food allergies and, sadly, after about a month of tolerating a food her body starts to reject it so it's looking like she'll have to do the elemental diet.) Anyway, hers seems to be a digestive issue as well. Just wondering if Hallie has digestive problems or is it mainly a vomit reaction?

I'm keeping all of my crossables crossed for you and Sharon!

Lori said...

Yay!!! On all fronts! Loved seeing the words "Third Trimester"!!!

Judith and Jason said...

Soooo wonderful! yeah cervix! yeah meat! yeah for your family!
WOO HOO! Love it!

Heidi said...

I admit I laughed to hear that Sharon is being pummeled by your little girl - I am SO HAPPY to hear your baby girl stayed put for the third trimester and all the wiggles and kicks that accompany that delightful time!