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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Candy Cane Kids

Here's a picture of Hallie and Lea getting into the holiday spirit. Sadly, Lea is grimacing because her first year molars are coming in (this would also account for the bags under her eyes). And Hallie may look like she is making a silly face but what she's really doing is saying "Cheese." She does this a lot now during picture taking, which is why her mouth always seems askew.

Happy Holiday Season everyone!
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Adelaide Dupont said...

You too!

First year molars ... they are a terror.

Is there something else that Hallee can say instead of "Cheese"?

(Goats cheese is awesome, feta especially).

Heidi said...

Bennett does that same grimace/smile like he's gritting his teeth while saying, "Cheeeeze!" It's hard to catch his sweet, normal smile on camera. :)

I love the stripes and especially those super hero tights.