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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Real Super Heroes Wear Tights

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Spider Man Legs: that's what Hallie calls tights.

Since both Sharon and I kind of hate tights, we never dreamed of tormenting her by forcing her to wear them and instead have been buying Hallie cute leggings to wear under dresses and skirts. Thus, we had no idea that Hallie adored wearing tights until Saturday, when we put her in a pair of brick red tights in honor of her annual holiday card photo shoot. She was very excited by her "Spider Man legs" and insisted on wearing them all day, even when we changed her back out of her dress. (She was just as excited by her new black patent leather shoes, which amazingly took us all of ten minutes to purchase at Olly's on the way to the picture taking appointment. Even once she gave up her tights, she continued to wear her black shoes and could be seen prancing through our house in nothing but black patent leather shoes and a pull up late into the evening. We both sense that she would have been happy to give up the pull up, too).

Anyway, back to the Spider Man Legs: neither of us could figure out why Hallie was calling tights by this name until it dawned on us: Real super heroes wear tights. Now if only I could convince Hallie that they also eat quiche....

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

Leggings and tights have the same function.

I miss my leggings.

Great to see the superhero play!