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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Afternoon at the Zoo

It was gorgeous out on Saturday so we decided to take the kids to the zoo after Hallie and Sharon returned from hippotherapy. We've been meaning to go all summer but the weather has been way too hot. It was quite a bit cooler, though, yesterday and a perfect day to visit the animals.

Hallie LOVES the zoo and was super excited since we haven't been there for a while. She presented us with a whole list of creatures that she wanted to see, and we made it to pretty much all of them, with the exception of the giraffes, who were not around yesterday. Hallie loved the freedom presented to her by our sit-and-stand stroller that allowed her to hop off and visit a creature or two and then hop back on the boogie board and get pushed uphill (by me, mostly).

We weren't pretty sure that Lea would really enjoy the experience this time, too. Last time we were there (in the fall), she was way too little and quite cranky. This time around, she is quite a bit bigger and really into animals of all sorts. Unfortunately, she was not thrilled by the idea of being pushed in the stroller (I think she wanted to hang out in the cages with the creatures instead) so Sharon spent a lot of the time carrying the none-too-light Lea around during our visit.

We ended our visit as we usually do: at the children's petting zoo. The kids had a blast grooming the sheep and goats.

And no visit is complete without a pony ride. Hallie looks great astride her pony:

And Lea got to take her first pony ride ever. I am pretty sure she enjoyed herself immensely!


Anne said...

Looks like fun was had by all!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Glad Lea enjoyed her pony ride!

I'm sure she would have loved to have been among all the animals.

Hope Hallie is able to see the giraffes on a future visit.

This one was awesome.

Unknown said...

Isn't that a fun age when they don't want to sit in the stroller yet don't want to walk? I'm sure we are a great sight to see at Costco where Sam insists in being carried in such a way that he can "push" the cart with his two hands! Awkward, to say the least.

Looks like they had a great time!

Meghan said...

Have read your blog for a while and finally decided to comment. Your girls are beautiful and Hallie is such a warrior princess!