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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hallie has never been one for allowing us to fuss with her hair.  She will occasionally don a headband (and sometimes reposition it so that it looks like a funky space-age pair of eyeglasses) but my efforts to adorn her coif with cute little barrettes and ribbons have all been thwarted.

We do try (most mornings, when things are not crazy) to comb her hair and bring it to some semblance of order, but lately it's gotten a bit out of control.  It's in her eyes nearly all of the time now--so much so that we think it's responsible for the awful cheek-and-eye-squint-scrunch thing she's been doing lately.  I suppose annoying hair is far better than the alternative--some sort of neurological issue or tick, which, being us, of course we considered to be a possibility.  We're pretty sure though that a haircut, rather than an MRI, is in order.  And as soon as both girls (who are sleeping peacefully on the couch to the dulcet tones of Classical Baby:  The Music Show (which has been Hallie's naptime DVD ever since one of her neonatalogists gave it to her for her first birthday).  As soon as the girls wake up, we're headed to see Whitney to get Hallie a trim.

Meanwhile, however, I was convinced enough that this was a hair issue that I enlisted the support of cousin Hannah on Sunday in my effort to get Hallie to allow us to put some pigtails in her hair.  I figured that Hallie will do anything for Hannah (include teaching herself to pump her own legs on the swing so that she could be 'just like Hannah'). 

The plan seems to have worked.  Sadly, this is the best shot (which isn't saying much) of the 'do' that Hannah gave Hallie:

Hallie insisted on wearing her pigtails to bed on Sunday night and was upset when they looked a bit (more) disheveled on Monday morning.  Sharon re-did the do (to the tune of some fussing and complaining and writhing by Hallie) and we headed off to school.  Even though Hallie put up a fight about her hair at home, she was awfully proud of it when one of the kids stopped her and told her she looked really cute.  She was comparing pony tails with another little girl when I departed the school yard.

After her bath today, I combed out her hair and put it up again.  I'm still trying to get a decent picture, but this is what it looked like in the best shot I could get (please note that Hallie's mouth is crammed full of fish sticks that she was taking forever to chew):

OK--kids are up.  Off to the hair place.  I think there might be bangs in Hallie's future, but we're definitely preserving the pig tail option!

1 comment:

BusyLizzyMom said...

Love the tails. It is nice to be able to have their hair up out of their face. Elizabeth's hair is beginning to resemble a birds nest from all the swimming she has done this summer.