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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Phillies Phever!

Well, it's that time of the year again--the late August run up to the post season.  And the Phillies really appear to be rising to the occasion.  The pitching is pretty darned good (even Blanton and Kendrick and the ever-heart-attack-inducing bullpen) and the offensive bats are even better.  Utley is back in the line up, Domonic Brown is taking advantage of the few at-bats he's getting, and J-Roll and Chooch are more than legendary. 

Now if Atlanta could only lose a few, we'd be happy here in the house-that-mommy-built (even though Sharon was not at her current firm and has absolutely nothing to do with the stadium construction side of its practice, her firm did built the lovely Citizen's Bank Park, and I like to point this out to Hallie every time we pass by it when we head down 95S. Sharon and I are hoping the Phils pull off a win this Sunday when we get to watch Roy Oswalt (I think) pitch from the splendor of her firm's luxury box.

Hallie, of course, has learned to love the "baseball Phillies" and can pick out their uniform and logo from afar and Lea gets excited every time I have baseball on the TV (for small breaks from Nick Jr).  And of course everyone around here is getting into the team spirit by sporting their colors, even when said colors are accompanied by merely a diaper. 

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