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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Walk America: Team Hallie and Olivia

Now that winter is finally here *, I thought I'd put a plug in for our Walk America team. Several of you loyal readers have already mentioned that you'd like to join the team---you can do so by clicking on the 'team hallie and olivia" selection in the side bar. Just follow the prompts from there. Even if you cannot join us, please consider sponsoring me or Sharon or anyone else who does join us. This is a pretty major event in our lives and we're hoping that Hallie--who is studiously working on her sitting-up routine--will be riding in the sitting up position in her stroller. And if the weather is nice, we'll even consider a picnic in Fairmount Park afterwards.

*yes, we got about a half an hour of snow flurries this afternoon and I held Hallie up to the window to witness her first snow. I am not sure whether she found it impressive; I did not. I hate snow (something that is perhaps odd once you consider that I am a Russian historian) but think it weird that the winter temps around here have averaged in the 50s and that we've had NO snow whatsoever that has stuck). But still, this is odd. And I am not fool enough to believe that the utter lack of white stuff is related to my purchasing of decent snow boots, either!

1 comment:

23wktwinsmommy said...

Hello. I am new to blogging, but I stumbled upon your blog. I gave birth to my 23 week and 5 day twins, Serena and Edwin, on September 29, 2006 and we should have them home with us in about 2 weeks. They will be coming home on O2, and I'm sure we have many adventures ahead...and I can't wait. Thank you for sharing your story. I find it so comforting to connect with other micropreemie moms...especially of 23 weekers...there are not many of us. Please feel free to check out our story and I will continue to keep up with Hallie's progress! Congrats on your beautiful girl and your angel watching out from above.