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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hallie and the Surf(s) and Congestion Redux

On Labor Day weekend, Hallie had a grand time at the beach...

...followed by a grand time at the ball game. It was only the AC Surfs, but at least they won. (For those of you following sports here in the fine City of Brotherly Love, let's just say that we are known for our unreasonable loyalty to our teams that always let us down. The Phillies will break a lot of hearts again this year (maybe next year they could get a better and deeper bullpen? There's an idea for you) and the Eagles season opener yesterday does not bode well for the birds. Needless to say, our home teams get pretty far...just far enough to maintain audience and fan interest into the late season and often the post season. They just don't play like champions. I've heard it said that part of the problem is that we're a one-team kind of town. Back in New York (where I am from), there are usually two teams in the city (Yankees/Mets; Jets/Giants; Islanders/ get the picture) and that this helps keep the teams on their toes if they want to sell seats and make revenue. I am sure that having a GM who can buy the whole team doesn't hurt the Yankees either.

Anyway, Hallie had fun at the Surfs game, though it's not clear from these shots that she really took in any of the on-field action:

The shots were taken at night with Sharon's phone, which explain why they are not as clear as they could be.

On other fronts: Hallie had a great time at the block party on our block on Saturday, but has been having a rough week all around so far. I spoke too soon when I suggested in the previous post that our end of summer is turning out to be rather uneventful. As a matter of fact, the whole family has been felled by a pretty nasty cold that none of us really want or can afford right now (since we're very generous folks around here, we've also shared it with Karina, Mark, and Vanessa next door and hope that Josh, Nancie, and Ethan are immune to it. Particularly Nancie, since she is around 35 weeks pregnant).

Hallie came down with the sniffles last Wednesday, it turned into one of those colds that is accompanied by intermitten fevers and that produces nasty green and yellow boogers by Friday night, and by Saturday, the dreaded vomiting had begun again. She has been vomiting up pretty much one bottle a day (and they are now 6-7 ounce bottles, so they really count, not to mention that they are really productive of copious amounts of pink pediasure puke). She isn't choking on the bottle and then refunding it; rather, she waits until she has finished the bottle and is seemingly asleep. At this point, whatever mom is feeding her is generally lulled into a complacent place where she thinks that Hallie is beyond the point of all return and that the bottle is down for good. Then the coughing, choking, sputtering, and puking begin. They don't end until mom and baby are in a state of real distress, with Hallie screaming (often in hunger and exhaustion).

This is oh so very un-fun and we need it to end, pretty much immediately. I hate to think that what we experienced was a whole 3 weeks of congestion-free living, rather than an end to the chronic congestion of this summer altogether. We'll bring her in to the ped. on Wednesday. Our pediatrician basically said that a sinus infection can't be diagnosed until a cold has lasted beyond 10 days, but we are hoping that they take pity on us at the end of day 8. If things get worse than they are now, we'll obviously take her in before that (like tomorrow). This is a nasty, nasty bug that has given both Sharon and me major sinus headaches and has led to the rise in Kleenex's stock considerably, so we can only imagine how horrible Hallie feels.

Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed that this runs its course without any real intervention or that, in the event that it drags on and on, that we can get Hallie on amoxicillin ASAP to help clear things up.

*Note: this post was started on Saturday September 8th but not finished until Monday September 10th.

1 comment:

23wktwinsmommy said...

I hope Hallie feels better very soon. When Edwin had his cold (we are so lucky to only have had one cold ever...knock on wood!) he also vomitted after feeds when he laid down to sleep. He also threw up when he woke up sometimes. I attributed it to post nasal drip. The stuff just sat there and built up causing tickling and gagging and then everything to come up. Sometimes he would actually sound less stuffy after he threw he got the boogies out. Poor must be so hard as Mommies to see her not feel well.

She looks adorable at the beach though!