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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No News is...

No News.

Sharon had her third non-stress test today and it turns out that she is having contractions every three to four minutes. However, not only is she not feeling these, but they also appear not to be having any further effect on her cervix. She was dilated two centimeters and 70% effaced last week and so she remained this week. So now we wait and see.

Our bag is packed, of course, and we've finished assembling all the furniture, washing and sorting 90% of the clothing for the baby, etc. I would have bet that she would have gone into hard labor last night, if only because we had a bit of an ice storm (followed by a rain storm, so now we just have a mess) around here. And no child care. That should have added up to a perfect, Murphy-inspired storm, but it did not. The weather reports for the next few days, happily, are not too bad, so if she does go into labor soon, at least we won't have to consider calling an ambulance to take us eight blocks to the hospital because the roads are too treacherous (and the wait is too long) for a taxi.

Otherwise; Hallie still has a runny nose but is otherwise doing fine. She's getting more adventurous in her toast-consumption (I think she's now up to chomping 1/6 of a slice of toast at a time) and has been in a very sweet and cuddly phase lately. No more vomiting either, so we are now 21 days spew-free this year. And counting.

Keep your fingers crossed for an easy, pain-free (or low pain) labor. And I promise to try to update regularly. The blogosphere will be the first to know (well, maybe not the FIRST, but still...)


Sarah said...

It would not surprise me if when Sharon goes into labor, she really takes off! ;)

yay for no vomit for Hallie!!

Cora said...

This waiting for a term baby is taking FOREVER! (And I couldn't be happier about it for all of you!) Can't wait to hear the big news. Wish Sharon good luck from us.

Sarah Furlough said...

CAN'T WAIT!!!! I'm so excited!

Sarah said...

Hello baby - don't you know we're all waiting here?!

Imaging being READY for the baby to come out.

Good wishes sent your way :)

Mommato4miracles said...

Congratulations on still WAITING! I am sure it feels like eternity now. I know totally not anything related to this post, I used to post as SAMMYSMOMMY, anyways I was wondering what types of allergy testing you did for Hallie? What seems to be more reliable, and then how did you go about introducing foods and know that they weren't problematic? We went with Sam this past week and he was found to be allergic to 15 of the initial 17 things they tested him for. WE go back three more times to do more extensive testing to determine where all the allergies are. They are not doing the scratch testing, rather the subcutaneous testing. Didn't know how Hallie was tested?

Jennifer said...

I've been checking every day :)

Can't wait to 'meet' her!

Kirsten Wood said...

I've got 2 babies & mommies to check on these days: one down here in Miami, and the "G.E." & Sharon -- but only you guys keep a blog, so I bet I will know the Philadelphia story before the local one. Isn't the blogosphere wonderful?

Best of luck for an easy, uncomplicated delivery and 9 Apgar scores (hell, go for 10)!

Laura said...

i've been wondering what is going on. i'm thinking about you guys and praying for you too! i can't wait!

Mommato4miracles said...

Hey there! Thanks for all the time you have taken explaining things to me. I am so frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the
GI stuff. As far as EE is concerned, I mentioned it to the GI back in sept or oct I believe, and the scope came out clean so I believe that that was ruled out. I am just not sure how to do the food trials. Sam doesn't vomit, and constantly complains of belly pain, we wouldn't be able to determine if it was food related or something else entirely. Hmmm....
I am anxiously awaiting your new arrival. I know I didn't have a micropreemie(S) but I would love to be FULL TERM with my next one to. WAY TO GO!!!!