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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

Notice the plural usage? That means that we have double the celebration coming our way...Sharon and I sure are looking forward to the kids making us breakfast in bed, a lovely dinner preceded by cocktails, or perhaps an elegant brunch at a four star venue. Of course, right now we have to take care of the details on our own. Lovely flowers:

An elegant brunch of Eggs Benedict (the first I ever made, and it came out well) for Sharon and eggs and bacon for me, accompanied by mimosas, and a lovely filet mignon and truffled mashed potatoes for dinner. In between, lots of time with the kids. What could be nicer than that?

This, on top of a lovely family celebration with Aunt Laura, Grammy, and Grandma Sandy on Saturday, made it a wonderful Mothers' Day indeed.

Anyway, I promise to post a recap of our lives over the past month soon. I just need to get through my end of the semester grading, which has to be squeezed in around childcare since we have been without a nanny for a couple of weeks now (Nadia moved back home to take care of her dad who had a stroke this winter; this lack of childcare business is one big reason for my prolonged absence from the blogosphere recently). But don't fret: the kids are doing well, and, other than being frazzled by the fact that we have to multitask more than I usually do, we're doing well, too.

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