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Friday, February 2, 2007

20 Ounces...

is how much formula Hallie drank today...

That may not seem like a huge amount to anyone, but it's a real milestone for Miss Hallie Rose. Her previous record was something like 18 ounces. And lest you think we're starving our baby, let me assure you that her formula is souped up with extra powder in ready to feed, plus breast milk, plus karo syrup for extra calories. (Aside: There is currently a commercial on in our area for Apple and Eve juices, I think, in which some kids are performing in a school play. One kid is an apple and looks all rosy and healthy. Another is an orange and is filled with vitamin C. Then there is a child playing High Fructose Corn Syrup ---just like Karo--- and is a dripping goopy mess and obviously unhealthy and highly processed. I cringe when I see this particular commercial because that's part of what we are consciously putting into our kid. Hopefully we can move on to avocado and banana shakes (EWWWW) some day. I'll feel better about that.)

Anyway, Hallie really seemed to enjoy herself. This is pretty atypical, as those of you who have had the pleasure (NOT) to witness us giving Hallie a bottle, or heaven forbid, have had the opportunity to give her one yourself (This can be confirmed by Grammy, Aunt Laura, Aunt Renee, Sheila and the nurses who took care of Hallie in the North Nursery of the ICN and probably a few others out there). Anyway, she had a really nice day today and then, tonight, we ate dinner at the dining room table as a family (and, yes, I cooked---it wasn't just a matter of reheating some admittedly excellent food from Wholefoods market but an honest to goodness, well-balanced, meal made from scratch). Hallie sat in her high chair, ate some sweet potatoes (she was a bit skeptical about these and seems to like them less than the pears and more than just plain rice cereal), and drank her bottle.

She even held the bottle on her own:

We are really proud of her.

And we also are enjoying her latest self-soothing teething practice: active thumb sucking. This one I do have a picture of and will share it with you here:

Notice how much she looks like a big girl in her overalls and her jeans.

And here's a second shot from today:

The sweater in this shot is one of my favorties. I love bold colors on kids -- they can see them better than pastels, I think.

Yet another thumb sucking photo (added by Sharon who thinks this one is the cutest!):

Anyway, I'll work on retrieving my cool high chair shots -- maybe Sharon can help since she's not technologically impaired (which I am). NOTE: DONE!!! YAY SHARON Hopefully Hallie will take after her. The kid is already showing a huge level of interest in remote controls (and the televisions that go with them, unfortunately. Scary stuff!


Jamie and Jill said...

WOW...20 ounces? That's awesome. Great job Hallie!

Those pictures are adorable. She's such a stylish little girl.

Maggie (Sarah's mom) said...

20 ounces is huge!!! I'm sure you remember the days of her eating 15-30 cc's each feeding.

Sarah was on Caro syrup in the BM + Neosure mixture to help with constipation. It always did the trick.

The pictures are great! Hallie is beautiful!

It won't be long before you are buying remote control replacements like we have. I don't think they are kid tested for durability! Sesame street has a new remote control toy for kids. Maybe it's something Hallie would enjoy?§ion=tod_sesame