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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Look Ma, No...


Hallie had a pretty eventful weekend so I'm going to need several posts to cover them all. But perhaps the most important development is that, after her pediatrician appointment on Wednesday of last week, we called her pulmonologist to let them (the doctor and his fellow) know how well she was doing and how her pediatrician felt it was time to start weaning her from the oxygen. We figured they'd take it slowly, perhaps letting Hallie be off the Os for an hour or two a day.

We were wrong. When I spoke with the fellow on Friday night, she said we could just discontinue the oxygen altogether while Hallie was awake, unless we felt it was indicated while she was eating. We were to do an hour or so of pulse ox checking for the first day or two, and then if that went well, we could just spot check her.

She satted 99-100 for that first hour, and also on Saturday during the day. And she's been great ever since.

Of course, now that the oxygen is optional during the day, she really believes that she doesn't need it at night. So if she was pulling it off a lot before, you can just imagine how much she is performing her nightly self-decannulation now.

The treatment course for the future seems to be this: as long as she continues to grow and gain weight, we can look forward to life without plastic tubing. If she loses weight or stops gaining well, we'll have to reconsider.

This now makes the terrible topic of feeding Hallie even more important, but we'll live with it. If we can manage to get her to eat it, I see avocados in Hallie's future. Maybe in butter sauce.

That's all for now. But I do promise more soon...


Jamie and Jill said...

Yaaaahhhhoooooo! Can you tell I am a little excited? That is awesome news! I didn't think that little face of hers could be any cuter but now without the tubing....WOW! You all are in trouble when she becomes a teen:)

Laura said...

just look at that bare-naked beautiful face!!!
so do you want to know how we celebrated no more home oxygen?
i lit every blessed candle in the house and basked in the glow for hours.
my husband and older kids thought i had finally cracked.

Sarah Furlough said...

She looks even more gorgeous without the cannula! Congrats Hallie on your O2 graduation!!

Lathan, Lauren, Logan, London said...

Woohoo...go Hallie!!!

art-sweet said...


Kim said...

Congratulations, Hallie! You are such a strong little girl!