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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hallie and Eliza Grace's Ring Around the Rosey

Yesterday, we had a very fun playdate with Eliza, her mom, Anne, and her grandmother, Bessie. We were too lame to remember to bring our camera (imagine that!) but Anne took some great pictures and video footage of our girls, who demonstrated that they are very much into joint attention play and not parallel play.

This playdate came on the heels of another fun day spent at Jake and Gina's (pictures to follow), which immediately followed our impromptu belated celebration of cousin Hannah's sixth birthday. The week also included a grueling 2.5 hour assessment of Hallie for preschool services, a fun visit by my best friend from college, Steve, and his charming daughter, Nina and a meeting with the developmental pediatrician at CHOP who, for now, cleared Hallie from a diagnosis that places her on the autistic spectrum (though she warned that we need to follow Hallie and might reassess this later on; meanwhile, she's just registering as a kiddo with an expressive language disorder that hampers her pragmatic use of speech who has raging sensory issues). I will blog about these events later on but I just wanted to provide yet another series of excuses about why I am such a lame blogger right now!

Not only am I a lame blogger, but we have also neglected to form a real team for this year's March for Babies. So, at the eleventh hour, I'm forming a team for the sole sake of trying to raise some much needed funding for the March of Dimes. Click here if you'd like to contribute in honor of Hallie and Lea and in memory of Olivia Skye. And check back later this week for a longer update that will hopefully include an even greater VFQ (vomit free quotient), which now stands at 65 days and counting for 2009.


Joy said...

they are so cute!

great news on the non-spectrum dx and the vfq.

Mommy Darnell said...

I love the VFQ count...

Sarah said...

Love seeing the two of them together... hooray for the Internet! :^)