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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tummy Time!

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Lea is getting stronger and stronger each day and her head control is really getting quite remarkable. I'm not sure if it's quite time yet, but I'm tempted to try out our Ergo baby carrier pretty soon. I'd venture to say that Lea weighs around 11.5 pounds at this point and is quite sturdy. The front carriers are not all that comfortable and I really look forward to carrying the kiddo on my hip. Any Ergo users out there, please weigh in (and please note that we do not have the infant insert and are not particularly interested in investing in one since we have inherited lots of other infant carriers).

And, in case you don't think there's a family resemblance between the girls, behold this shot taken in the ball pit:

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Lea has also been playing with toys a lot more and has found the best toy of all--her hands. I do think she may end up being a thumb sucker (which would come in handy, so to speak, in the car seat when she loses her binky):

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On tap for this weekend, or maybe during a moment when Nadia can watch both of the kids: removing all of the 0-3 sleepers. Lea has blown right through these and is onto 3-6 month sized clothing. I suspect that we'll have a whole lot of extra size 1 diapers to give away in the not-too-distant future!

Meanwhile, Hallie's love for Lea deepens each day. Hallie loves saying hi to Baby Lea just as much as she loves saying hi to Barney and Elmo and is particularly enamored of returning Lea's "blinky" and bottle to her. And she adores cuddling with and hugging her little sister:

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Emily said...

that is so sweet!

Ms.Kitty said...

The Ergo is awesome, but you need to wait or 15lbs to not use the infant insert. Do you have Baby Bjorn carrier? If not, you can borrow mine. It was the best I found until the Ergo is safe.

Anne said...

Such great photos!

The Microblogologist said...

They are so adorable together, glad Hallie is loving her little sister!

Jodi said...

Lea is getting so big! I love the ball pit picture. It was also neat to see Hallie and Eliza together. I guess I didn't know that they knew each other in real life! Too cute!