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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

On The Charts!!!!

Hallie is ON THE CHARTS for her ACTUAL age. She weighed in at 8420 (up from 8150 on Friday--both on the scale she's normally weighed on at the pediatrician's office). That's 18 lbs. 9 ounces, and a 9 ounce gain, from last Friday.

In other words, our girl is HUGE. And has thighs to prove it (they aren't fat so much as strong...)

What's the trick that brought us here? I think that shifting her from prilosec in suspensions to prilosec capsules mixed in a bit of applesauce is really helping her eating a lot. The old method of giving it to her (mixed with enough formula to kill the taste of the bicarb), in tandem with the notoriously unstable and less long-lasting suspension meant that she was benefiting very little from the meds. With the shift, she's feeling much better and is eating better, too. The only thing keeping down her volume is her congestion, and hopefully we'll get that under control soon. Meanwhile, the second key has been increasing the amount of solid baby food (purees) that she's eating---she's now getting over 3 jars a day, which is a huge deal to us.

Still, we have the congestion that remains unimproved, and that may actually be turning into a full blown sinusitis. We're going to admit he voluntarily for a scope that will be watched and evaluated by GI, ENT, and Pulmonology. Hopefully they'll have more answers after that and hopefully we'll be able to get this under control at some point.

Meanwhile, we are thrilled with her size, her progress, and her overall liveliness. This liveliness is getting even cuter now that she is vocalizing all the time and even beginning to make some consonant sounds (g, k, r, and more recently, an attempt at an 'm' that sounds a lot like kissing). We're so proud of Hallie for how far she's come!


Sarah Furlough said...

HOORAY FOR HALLLIE!!! That is wonderful news! What a great weight gain, and I know how exciting it is when they FINALLY make it on the charts.

You have to post more video of Hallie "talking." I love seeing her in action.

Ms.Kitty said...


Kym said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I am so glad that Hallie is doing better. She is beautiful!!!

Kellie said...

WHOOHOOOO!!!! Way to go Hallie (and mommies!). Making the charts for the first time is always a *milestone* moment. I could just pinch her cute little cheeks.

Anna said...

Hooray, hooray!

And seriously, three jars of baby food a day? Henry eats about half of one on a good day, plus his bottles and some finger food.

Sounds like Hallie could teach him a thing or two!

Kim said...

Hooray for Hallie! That is awesome news about being on the charts for ACTUAL age! Very impressive!

I will keep you in my prayers and hope that the scope reveals something that has a quick and easy solution.

Maggie (Sarah's mom) said...

Go Hallie!!! That is great news on her weight!

I'm hoping you get some answers on the congestion soon.