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Monday, October 1, 2007

It's the Playoffs, Baby!

Hallie wore her team colors proudly today. As many of you baseball Phanatics know, today was the last day of the regular season for the Philadelphia Phillies and three or four weeks ago, those of us who root for the beleaguered home team were ready to hang up our cleats and hope for a better season next April. Not Jimmy Rollins (who predicted a post-season back in January) and not Hallie.

We got our girl all decked out in her red-and-blue and took her for a ride in the new similarly colored Maclaren Triumph this afternoon just as the Phils were up around 4-1. By the time our ride was over, we had beaten the Nationals 6-1 and had miraculously pulled an NL East championship out of the hat.

Hallie celebrated by giving her new baby doll a big hug and kiss. We think that it's totally cute that she loves her baby as much as she does (she was even patting it and rocking it today):

Here's Hallie with her new goofy full-of-beans look:

Needless to say, our girl is not going to let this one get away!

And, in other Hallie news, babbling----real babbling---has begun in earnest and she now proudly says "Ga, Ga, Ga" and mimics us when we do, too. I know that sounds like a small milestone, but for us, it's as large as a milestone as, say, the NL East title is for the Phils.

Next week, maybe Hallie can work some magic for our forlorn Eagles!


Miracles said...

Hallie looks so adorable with her little baby doll.

Cora said...

Yeah, babbling! That's so exciting, and a milestone at our house too. I just love the expressions that Hallie has, especially with those great eyebrows!

Happy 1 Year old adjusted birthday tomorrow! We'll be thinking of you!

Nathali said...

It seems like she really loves her doll, so adorable :)