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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Who Are You? Who? Who?

OK, totally gratuitious post, but I have to admit that adding the map in the corner of Hallie's blog (thank you, Heidi! I totally borrowed this from your site) has piqued my curiosity...I can conjure up identities for some of you based on your location, but I've noticed that, since putting up the map, people have been visiting us from the UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Australia, Buenos Aires, Peru, Mexico, not to mention a fair portion of our friendly neighbor to the north (happy belated Thanksgiving Day, Canadians!) and a large portion of the US. (Sorry if I've omitted any exotic or even mundane locations...)

I promise to blog about Hallie later on today, or tomorrow at the latest, but in the meantime, can you readers delurk for a sec and tell me who you are and how you got here? I'm sure Hallie'd love to know!


Big Ali said...

Well, my wife and I are in Florida and we just just birth to a micro preemie in July. I thought the map was a great idea so I included it on my son's blog as well.

Unknown said...

Hallie-my granddaughter the best kiss
her for me

xxxx's Mom

Sarah Furlough said...

You know us. We are in Virginia & we love to check on Hallie!

Heidi said...

Abby, I love that map - it's so fun to see the little dots pop up and the older kids try to look up the cities on their globe. I'm glad you like it!

Billie said...

Oooh, Oooh...I want a map on my blog too!

You know us, from blog-world, as well as our "real life" adventure to Sesame Place! I love reading and checking in on Hallie's progress.

We're not from anywhere exotic or exciting like Finland, or Buenos Aires. Just from Michigan:)

Mom to Holland and Eden, 24-weekers, now THREE-YEAR-OLDS!

Cora said...

You know us too...and we're not from anywhere exciting either, just Wisconsin. We do love to watch Hallie grow, and are always so amazed at how similar she and Amelia are in their stages of development and teething fun!

Laura said...

just following links on preemie parenting blogs because sometimes we need to know that we are not alone alone.

nancy said...

I stumbled on your blog when my second cousin, Keira, gave birth to triplet girls and I was researching about preemies and fragile multiples. Keira's blog is at:
I stayed for the excellent writing and the fun adventures of Hallie. You are terrific moms who derive such joy from your daughter. Thanks for the great reads! I'm a law professor at UMKC:



LauraZ said...

You don't know me, but I somehow ended up reading your blog through Shoshanna (her mom Sarah is a friend of ours from college). I'm in Seattle, and just finished nursing school. Love reading about Hallie's progress!