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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Doubly Protected!

This morning, Ami decided that Hallie needed a super new look to commemorate the 1000th time (or thereabouts) that Hallie used her favorite word:

Hallie, if you are reading this: please forgive us!

Hallie's suitors, if you are reading this: this wasn't Hallie's idea! If Hallie had her choice, she'd be dressed like this:

Please note the incredibly modest placement of Princess Hallie's mirror.

The really funny thing is that we swear that, when she looks in the mirror, she says the following: "So Pretty!" So much for modesty!


Emily said...

The princess mirror picture is one of the cutest of Hallie I think I've ever seen.

Anne said...

It has dawned on me that while we enjoy posting all of these goofy and potentially embarassing photos of the kids that there may be some payback when we're in the old age eating purees and wearing our own diapers. Yikes!

I do love the photos though!