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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hallie's Favorite Things...

Just a quick post of some recent pics of Hallie. I suspect that these might be the last of the year since I've been so lazy about taking pictures lately!

Here's Hallie reading one of her absolutely favorite books (Goodnight Baby). We literally have to read this to her fifty to a hundred times a day, every day. She signs 'more,' and now her version of 'book' (which is not the official version but an inverted-raise-your-hands-up-above-your-head variation on that) over and over and over again.

Here's Hallie with two of her favorite friends. It's cute how she often pairs off Ernie and Bert and hugs them together. Today, however, she ate off a tuft of Ernie's hair. I was not pleased with her choice of pre-breakfast appetizers.

And here's Hallie on one of her many phones. She just started putting the phone to her ear, and now occasionally babbling or cooing into it when someone speaks to her. Lots of things stand in for phones, including bananas, play phones, a carrot refrigerator magnet and the like. And, yes, often our home phone, which she takes off the hook many times a day.

And finally, Hallie is an inside-the-box kind of toddler. She loves to dump out her toys (and toss them everywhere) and climb into this box. This morning, she got in on top of the toys and was very distressed about this. I said to her: "Yes, Hallie, Mama does clean up the toys and not leave them all over the place for us to step on! You should look where you sit before you get into your box!"

I inquired of a friend with a somewhat older child about when it is that kids start to clean up their own toys. I was distressed to find out that, although her daughter can accomplish this important life skill, that she finds it, "boring." Well, guess what, so do I!

Happy New Years Eve!


Sara Cohen said...

I love the phone picture! Charlie does the same thing with anything that could possibly be a phone or in a phone shape. We gave him one of our old cordless ones (minus the battery) and he loved it. He just now started actually talking in the phone which makes the grandparents happy! Let's try to get together sometime this month if everyone is healthy. Happy new year! Sara

Heidi said...

Emy will clean up IF we do it with her and IF we are singing the "clean up" song. But after about three toys Bennett & Emy both lose interest and wander off. I think somehow the song is key, because both of our toddlers will sing a couple notes while chanting, "EEEN up, een up!" I wish I could describe the tune for you, it's been very handy because now the older kids sing it and try to get the little ones to help with the mess.