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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Seven Days In February...

in a row is our vomit-free streak. Alas, it was broken today, several times. It could be teething, it could be returning to the 6 ml of the Omega 3-6-9s or it could be that Hallie is just as allergic to soy as she is to dairy (she had some soy cheese and pureed edamame today). We'll cut out the soy, up the cal-mag and hope for the best. But at least we got 7 days. Which makes it a total of 11 days in 2008 that were vomit-free (not counting a few urps, here and there).

The other news: we heard a lot of "mmmms" today from our girl, and she even whined "maaaaa---meee" a few times. I am pretty certain that she did not mean 'mommy' in any conventional way, but hopefully she'll connect the two soon (and then figure out what she's going to call each of us!). What a sweet Valentine's Day gift to us. It even made the vomit easier to clean up. Well, sort of. OK, not really. Nothing really makes the vomit easier to clean up, other than catching it in a bucket or her food tray!

May your Valentine's Day be filled with sweet utterings from your loved ones!


Judith and Jason said...

This is totally unrelated, but I was reading back and noticed that Hallie's primary (Meghan)at Penn is my Grandmom's sister's grand daughter.(I am 99% sure) Fun right?

abby said...

Wow! That practically makes you guys family (we ADORE Meghan -- what do you guys say to a family reunion? We'd love to see Meghan (Meghan: are you reading this? Hallie misses giving you high fives!).