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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Post No. 2

Sharon got us these awesome necklaces for Mother's Day this year:

The backs of the pendants are sort of hard to make out in the photo, but they give the girls' birthdays, birth weights and times, and Hallie's reads "IN MY ARMS" and Olivia's "IN MY HEART." Sharon's choice of wording is lovely.

It feels good to hold tokens representing both of our girls around our necks all the time, and we'll be adding two birthstones--one for June (when the girls were born) and one for October (when they should have been born) as soon as they arrive.

The necklaces are from Julian & Co., which specializes in custom birth necklaces and other jewelry for moms and dads and has a line of NICU-parent and preemie jewelry, as well as medical alert bracelets and such for babies and toddlers. The owners are parents of a 29 weeker who was a NICU grad, and making jewelry small enough for kids their son's size is what got them started in the business. Their selection is understated and simple in an elegant sort of way. Check them out!

I made a photo triptych of three of the "sleeping Hallie" photographs (from back in January) that I framed for Sharon. We'll put it up on the wall as soon as we figure out how we're reconfiguring the living room now that we're downsizing from the huge media cabinet to a less space-hogging corner media unit.

Meanwhile, I hope all the moms reading this have a Happy Mother's Day! You all deserve it!


Judith and Jason said...

I love the necklace! So lovely!
I love the wording too!
Happy Mothers Day you guys!!!

Kellie said...

I love the necklaces! Al bought me a Julian & Co necklace last year and I never take it off. Many parents in hte NICU I work at have seen it and gotten one for their little preemies.

Happy Mother's Day to you both!!

Trisha said...

Happy Mother's Day to two amazing mommies!

Stacy said...

i love the necklace. i may have to get one. thanks for the link.
happy mother's day.