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Friday, January 30, 2009

Still Waiting...

Last night, Sharon stopped in at the PETU for monitoring since she was feeling contractions more and the baby less. They hooked her up to a monitor and, as on Wednesday, she was contracting every three or four minutes. But this time she had dilated some more (from 2cm to 3cm). They pulled over an ultrasound, checked the fluid around the baby and found it to be okay, and called our OB. The OB had her stay for monitoring for an hour and when labor hadn't progressed further, Sharon was sent home.

Sharon had a few more intense contractions last night but they subsided with a change in position. And she woke up today contracting. And she has been contracting ever since. (She decided to take the day off, thinking this was IT). Every three or four minutes kind of like clock-work with a few of them being more intense than they have been, and definitely lower down and more in her back (as in back labor).

But none of those double-me-over-so-I-can't-breathe,-let-alone-talk contractions that we read/hear about. Just continual contractions (I guess like the ones last time that the monitor had never picked up). And an awful headache which went away after she ate something substantial.

So, what would you do? Would you go in for another check up at the PETU? Would you stay put? Let us know (especially if you've been through this before; remember, the only labor experience Sharon has ever had was quite a bit out of the ordinary so we are not really able to use that for a gauge).


Sarah said...

OK, I didn't end up having a vaginal birth, but after going into labor with Levi and knowing what that felt like, I'd stay put and keep waiting it out at home until I got more uncomfortable, especially if the goal was a vaginal birth. It does sound like she's in early labor, but not serious. There definitely was a difference in the contractions, at least for me. And Sharon will be more comfortable at home and can shift positions and stuff, as opposed to the hospital. Since once you get in the hospital it can be hard to keep moving.

It is too bad it is too cold there to take a walk, that'd probably get things moving! If she needs some relief from the back pain, a warm shower could really help, or if you have a yoga ball, bouncing on that can really help too. The yoga ball especially can be really good for helping the pelvis open - I have a couple of friends who have used them during their labors and now swear by them, lol.

Sara Cohen said...

I think your home is so much more comfortable the hospital. You can do your own thing, relax (to some degree) and at the very least, lay in your own comfy bed. I would stay put if you can, just for your own comfort. But I am here tonight and tomorrow night so if you come in, call me! Good luck!

23wktwinsmommy said...

I obviously know nothing about "normal" labor, but I can say I am THRILLED for you guys that Sharon is STILL pregnant..truly amazing. I am so happy you will have a full term baby!

Thanks for the comment you left. For some reason I'm in a total funk tonight. As prepared crappy. Your comment made me feel better.

Corinne said...

I think it's really a matter of personal choice. I labored in my back, and the contractions started off pretty mild, and then BOOM, one hit me in the back and they stayed there, worsening with every one. The unfortunate thing was that I wanted and epidural, and they needed to start an IV and get a liter of fluid in me first before they could give me the pain meds. By then it was excruciating. The sad thing for Sharon is that if she isn't where the hospital would like her to be labor wise, they'll send her home regardless. Good luck.

Sarah said...

I have nothing helpful to add, just positive vibes for you guys! I was just commenting to Keet today that I wondered if The Great Expectation had arrived since we hadn't heard from you in a couple of days!

Heidi said...

(I apologize this response got so long!)

If the roads are clear and you are close to the hospital and you are not in a rush for the epidural then I would say stay home as long as you feel comfortable. With Emy I wanted to get in sooner rather than later because I really wanted to be with my midwife and know that Emy was being monitored - for my peace of mind. I liked hearing her heartbeat and I felt safer knowing I was with my care provider, just because I was feeling anxious and it was our first VBAC. But with Joseph I really liked having my space and being able to retreat and be alone or with just Kit until I felt it was time to get serious.

So I say stay wherever you are both feeling the most relaxed and comfortable for as long as possible. What are those three emotional signposts of labor in the Bradley book? Excitement, seriousness, self doubt. (Kit says for the partner it's, "Excitement, boredom & panic.") Stay home during the excitement stage (early labor) but when it's getting serious and you cannot smile anymore then it's time to head in. :) When you hit the self-doubt stage you know you are entering transition.

The friend's birth I just attended last fall she wasn't far along but suddenly started telling me she couldn't do it and was looking panicked. I ran to grab the midwife and we both smiled because we knew that meant transition. Yep, she had dilated really quickly and was about to start pushing! I think the emotional signposts are a pretty good indicator, in my limited experience with birth.

Emily said...

I want to echo Heidi's first words. I was so much more relaxed and comfortable at home. If there are no questions about being able to get to the hospital then I would hang out at home until she can't talk through contractions. Once in the hospital everything gets so cold and sterile and that just adds to the pain you're already feeling.

sexy said...