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Friday, November 9, 2007

The Belated Hallowe'en Post/Pics

Finally, finally some long overdue Hallowe'en pictures.

Hallie was clearly overwhelmed by the whole process, but seemed to enjoy hanging out in the costume while lounging in her car:

....especially when Elmo was her chauffeur/escort:

They got to meet us with Pooh and Piglet (our neighbors Nina and Grant from across the street):

And then go off with Coner, Benjamin, and their little brother, Adam in search of some loot:

Meanwhile, Ethan's three-week-old brother Cole got to catch up some zzzzzs:

The mommies get to ration it out to...themselves. I guess that there ARE benefits to having a kid who doesn't eat real food!

Next year, I hope to arrange my teaching schedule so that I can be home to Trick-or-Treat with Hallie. Hopefully she'll be able to chow down on some of her loot then, too!

Goat diet proceeds as planned. I am going to try to get her weighed today or tomorrow and will post more on this later if it happens.... Much less refunding (but this is not entirely resolved, alas), though our girl has a bit of a runny nose today....let's hope it turns into nothing.


23wktwinsmommy said...

Love Hallie as Piglet!!!

I hope she is gaining weight and this sniffle doesn't turn into anything.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures! I wanna hear how the weight is...Things look good for you guys. I hope this runny nose thing is gone in the morning!