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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Lately, Hallie has been getting on and off her little bus and in and out of her little roadster. We're trying to teach her that she can navigate the bus around on her own by pushing with her feet, and she has sort of learned this lesson. Of course, the fact that Hallie is now 'driving' has made it kind of dangerous around here:

We're hoping that Daniel over at The Big Tentdoesn't see this shot!

But it's also convenient that Hallie now drives because she can give her friends lifts when they want to go places:

But, as we all know, driving (like playing) can be pretty exhausting, and sometimes friends just need to hang out on the couch and convene with their Elmos and doggies:

In other news: Hallie's second RSV shot is this afternoon and I am not looking forward to it at all. We're hoping that giving her a dose of tylenol in advance will help dull the pain. And, speaking of pain, her first year molars are coming in, and this seems like little to no fun. This, and perhaps the cold-that-turned-into-a-sinus-infection, have her vomiting more frequently again. We actually did have one vomit free day last week---sadly, this is a record for us, as there have been no vomit free days whatsoever between May and last week. We were hoping for two in a row but Hallie decided to get into the drawer under the entertainment unit and ate part of the DVD player manual and then sent it, and lunch, back up. Monday of this past week was a great day around here that involved only one moderate "urp" after breakfast. And Hallie seemed REALLY hungry and totally into eating. Yesterday, alas, not so good: she sent back lots of food and bottles and was generally crabby and miserable. So, either it's the teeth, or the cold, or the reglan dose, or something else, but whatever it is, we're not having fun....


Cora said...

We've got molars on the move here too! Amelia has one just poked through, and the other three are soooo swollen. It's like a drool factory at our house.

Hallie looks to be a great driver. I need to get Miss A something like that for X-mas this year.

And so sorry about the continued puke-fest. Perhaps her 1 free day will soon turn into many more! Let me know if the tylenol pre-synagis helps. Our shots have just been awful this year!

Laura said...

::::::covering daniel and curious george's eyes:::::
thanks for the giggles.