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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holy Weight Gain, Batman!

OK---so we are back from our RSV appointment that turned into a 2 hour visit. Hallie was not terribly thrilled by that, and our wonderful, amazing nanny, Ami, got to experience our frustration with the waiting game firsthand. The reason things got dragged out so much was that we wanted to check up on Hallie's congestion, double-check the reglan dosage and make sure she wasn't getting another ear infection.

As always, the visits begin with a naked baby weight check, and this time, we really needed to do a double take:

Hallie's new weight, post 4 major vomits (AKA all food taken in since breakfast yesterday) but with some constipation is 1015 grams. For the metrically challenged, that's a whopping 22 lbs. 6 ounces. Up 12 ounces since last Monday. We figure that excess poop cancels out missed meals, and so the weight is pretty accurate. This puts Hallie at the 26th percentile of the ACTUAL (non adjusted) growth chart for a 17 month old and near the 75th percentile on the adjusted charts. No wonder we can't close her 12 month size onesies anymore!

We're not sure how this happened, but our ped, who used to tell us that there's no way Hallie has allergies, just referred us to an allergist because he thinks the gain is related to her tolerance of goat milk, as opposed to her intolerance of something else (likely cow's milk, but who knows?). So, it's off to another specialist we go. We will make an appointment as soon as we can (which is no longer possible today, given the holiday and all).

The huge weight gain also means that the Reglan dose was on the subtherapeutic side of things (though the CRNP who couldn't use a calculator correctly and who kept mixing up the IV and the syrup mg/ml dosage---not terribly inspiring---at first thought the dosage was too high). So we increased the Reglan from 1ml TID (three times a day) to 1.3ml TID. We'll keep an eye out for any adverse affects.

I feel like we are not just raising a baby but studying for our medical boards. Fabulous.

Anyway, we're both really excited about the weight gain, will play around with dairy-removal from the diet (to the extent possible---she does get her goat milk fortified with enfamil AR, which is cow's milk based) and see if that makes a difference. And in the meantime, we'll keep on keeping on.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We wish the very best to those of you who celebrate the holiday in whatever way you do.

EDIT: Vomit number 5 in a row just happened. I hope Ami still loves us after this. We have too much vomit in our lives.


Judith and Jason said...

This is so great! You guys must have been floored when the scale showed that number! Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Happy Turkey Day!

Billie said...

Yippee! Happy for your weight gain, but I guess that I have to swallow the fact that 17 month old Hallie officially outweighs 39.5 month old Eden...

Sarah said...

Way to go Hallie!! I got 'denied' from the docs on the goat's milk recipe for a while because of Emery's fabulous development of constipation and the ever-loving vomit, but Hallie's weight gain is so encouraging! I can't wait until we get to try it. I was so tempted to buy it at the store today.

baby james said...

HI thanks for visiting James' blog. I was so excited to read about Hallie what an amazing little (BIG) girl) Wow! 22LBS 6oz That awesome. Also thank you for offering to proof my letter. It is coming together but I just can't always find the time or the mental capacity to complete it. I also am tired of looking at it and it gets me all worked up everytime. My insurance company is doing a great job. My NICU nurse friend also told mewho to dens it to directly instead of going through all the hoops. I will complete it and have you take a look. I sure do appreciate your offer and look forward to adding you and Hallie to are favorites. Tracy