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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Ides of March...

Well, not quite, and not quite as ominous sounding as Shakespeare made them seem, in any event.

I just had to post a quick post tonight: we've had 2 vomit free days in a row! Yay! That makes it 20 for the year 2008 so far, which isn't too horrible (especially when placed in perspective of the last six to eight months of 2007). Indeed, almost a third of our days have been vomit-free so far this year, which amounts to a huge savings in terms of the number of trees cut down to make sufficient paper towels for cleaning up after Hallie. My gosh, she's practically got her own Green program going now, doesn't she?

And even more impressive (if such a thing was possible) was Hallie's fluid intake today. Ami really stepped to the plate and stepped things up today. Hallie had roughly 15-16 ounces of milk today, and another 5 or 6 ounces of drinkable goat-yogurt and another 5 or so ounces of juice (laced with miralax---which produced 3 very nice sized poops and one load of laundry that required soaking in Totally Toddler). That's over 25 ounces, folks! A new record, especially since she also ate about 16 to 18 ounces of baby food and numerous Veggie Booty puffs. So not bad at all.

On another note: Hallie has a new word: "Water". This one has lasted about 3 days so far and hopefully will join the pantheon of words-that-stay (which includes "Kitty", "Teddy," "Buh" (for Bert and Big Bird). She began saying "wa-dah" on Sunday night, and in a very cute way, does it along with the sign. It's a bathtub word and since Hallie loves her bath, she's more vocal there than she is at most times (I think she feels comfortable there....I wonder whether it's entirely unorthodox to do Speech Therapy with a naked child splashing in the tub). And she's been babbling more than usual. So maybe we're making
a bit of progress. Either way, I'm going to be spending a bunch of time on the phone with the three insurances that Hallie has (don't ask) to make sure we have all the codes and such right so we can get her into private therapy and, hopefully, get the cost of this venture (over a 100 an hour, and no one really seems to take insurance) covered to some extent. And then we have to hope that it works. But meanwhile, we have on our hands one very delightful toddler who delighted us even more by not
putting up a fight about sleeping tonight (the past three or four nights: sheer horror. Good thing she's cute even at 1:30 or 2:00am when she's racing around her room tearing it up!).

On that note, yeah, I know it's late, so it's time for me to get to bed, too!


Heidi said...

We've done naked speech therapy, though not in the tub. :) I think our ECI SLP got use to us over the four years or so we had her between the three kids - and some of them were strippers. SLP didn't skip a beat while I attempted to wrestle them back into diapers. They do seem to be the most vocal while streaking...

Hooray on 20 vomit free days!!

Erika said...

stumbled on your blog and your amazing story.
Great job mom and dad.
Mom is a 26 weeker, born at 14 oz, home after 114 days in the NICU. No monitors, no oxygen... Biggest issue is reflux (pretty bad in my opinion, but no one seems to be taking me seriously). On Prevacid and reglan.
I can't wait to be able to say "vomit free" someday. I hope soon!
check is