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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Weigh-In

The weight is back! Yay! We just visited Hallie's pediatrician for a weight check and found out that all of our hard work this past two weeks has really paid off---Hallie gained a pound in 10 days. Woo hoo! Let's hear it for 30+ calorie goat milk formula and 6 ounces of baby food per meal. She now weighs 25 lbs. 5 ounces (an all time high for 'playing weight').

She's still snarfly, though, which sucks, since it means that we are back to our daily refunds. But her ears are clear and she's clearly not feeling ill. It's either a cold or teething (she seems to be getting her first year, second year, canine, and eye teeth all at the same time. Lucky us!). But either way, she's weathering things well and we're glad for it.

We also talked to our pediatrician about our speech concerns and, while he feels that Hallie is still a bit young to warrant serious concern, he understands where we're coming from, and, as he put it, we need to get her the best possible therapist because she's an amazing little girl and deserves the best. We love this about our pediatrician. We pretty much love everything about our pediatrician. Anyway, so he is all for me drafting the kind of letter that will work with our insurance, he'll add in a lot of serious-sounding medical stuff that makes our argument compelling, and that's all we need to do. No neurologist (he doesn't think that hooking her up to a bunch of electrodes and subjecting her to a lot of tests will tell us anything that will prove helpful), no developmental ped. Just one really supportive doctor. This rocks.

Otherwise: Hallie's sorting skills keep getting better and better everyday and she's beginning to pretend play: she's feeding me and her babies from her favorite Duraclear margarita glasses (that are still proving to be indestructible, amazingly enough). This is very cute. She is also all about cuddles and kisses right now. And she did the cutest thing this evening. We were watching one of our new Signing Time DVDs (volume 10: "My Day", which is already one of my favorites) this evening after we got home from the pediatrician's. The video opens with the kids waking up and beginning their day. The second sign Rachel teaches us is "good morning." Well, Sharon and I kept on repeating 'good morning' and learning the new sign. Meanwhile, Hallie raced off to her bookshelf and found her book "Good Morning, Little Bert," and brought it over to us. As Telly would say, "she is sooooo smart!" Of course we proceeded to read it and SIGN it to her. I know it's only at the preschool level, but heck, our signing is getting pretty good too!

Finally, it seems like Hallie is about to step down to one nap a day. This is not our call, but hey, we all know who calls the shots around here and it ain't us.

Cute pictures later's way too late to fiddle with downloading and uploading!


Sara Cohen said...

Congrats on the weight gain! Keep it up kiddo and mommys! Hopefully we'll get together soon, maybe on a nice day outside!

Judith and Jason said...

She is amazing to me! That's so cool about watching the good morning part and then getting the book!
I am glad your hard work paid off with the weight gain. Great she is eating 6 oz at a meal...
We had a refund this morning when Nina yawned, my husband shoved it in and then out it came...

BusyLizzyMom said...

Glad to hear she is gaining weight again. She soon will be more than Elizabeth who at age 3 is whopping 26lbs. The one nap can be a good thing as they can be longer which allows more time to get stuff done. It is so great to have a good Ped who has followed her and knows her so well. We are on ped #3as the first 2 were not too helpful, we are hoping the third time is a charm. Teething is so crappy for them, Elizabeth's nose is a tap with teething and of course her reflux is not too fun either. Hopefully they will come in soon. She really is doing so well.

Lori said...

Congrats on the weight gain and the signing! Wow...too cool!

The dropping of the nap....ooh, that was hard on me. I loved having 2 separate blocks of time during my day. In the morning nap I would work out in our home gym. During the afternoon nap I would prep dinner.

I miss those days. ;-)

Trisha said...

Wow! 25+ pounds??!! That's AWESOME! I am so glad that she's picking up signing so quickly. It's so nice to know what they need/want if they aren't talking yet! She's looking so grown up these days!