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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet our New Speech Therapist

...none other than 2 year old Karina, our next door neighbor.

Happily, she has agreed (I have it in chalk!) to a mere 10 dollars an hour.

Seriously, though, she is the one person (toddler) who can get Hallie imitating. Her trick? Imitating Hallie. She does a very nice job of it and only occasionally gets frustrated by the antics of her slightly younger client. See for yourselves:

Actually, Hallie has been having a bit of speech explosion. She has been babbling and for once it sounds like really baby babbles. And while she still loses words (doggie is replaced by its corresponding sign, as has her 'read it' command and 'cookie' is nowhere to be found), she's also been gaining new ones. Her latest is 'wah-dah' for water and I am reinforcing it by turning on the water and letting her wash her hands in it. She loves it, but I do need to get her a stepstool since my back is killing me from lifting our 25 and half pounder.

More later on our fun visit with the family for the joyous occasion of Aunt Laura's 40th birthday.

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