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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Every GI Bug Has a Silver Lining

I guess that the silver lining of the GI bug on top of the chronic vomiting of last week was that we essentially got Hallie onto an elimination diet (she was down to just fruit and goat milk formula, and then down to just pedialyte). So we cleared out her system. The past couple of days, all we've fed her is applesauce, pear puree and pear juice, and goat milk formula (we computed her protein intake at 28-32 grams/day, so no worries there and we have her on a good multivitamin with minerals).

Tonight we let her have her beloved snack food (one of the few solids that she handles very well): veggie sticks (the trader joes kind). They contain wheat starch, (along with potato flour, some veggie powders and safflower oil). She ate them great. But unfortunately, within an hour, she had developed patches of eczema and was exhibiting 'reflux'-like symptoms. She's definitely allergic to wheat (though more mildly than to eggs, which leads to wild bouts of vomiting almost immediately; then again, who knows what would happen if she had a lot of wheat at once. I presume the amount of wheat starch in ten veggie stix is quite limited). That she'd have an outbreak after such a small amount confirms the + side of the +/- findings for wheat on Hallie's recent allergy patch test.

Given this, we're going to try one food at a time and see what happens. Next up is soy. Then chicken. (It would be very nice to get a second protein source that is safe). And we'll go on from there.

While it is annoying that she appears to be allergic to multiple foods, at least this might let us get closer to the bottom of the GI problems that she is having. And, I suspect that, since FPIES is closely related to dysphagia, we may be able to get closer to the bottom of the problems we've had with transitioning her to solids. I suspect that this all will end up being a rather slow process, but we've got an endless supply of patience around here (well, almost endless---I don't really want this one tested).

Lest anyone think that the past week has been solely about vomit and allergies and stuff like that, I promise to upload some extraordinarily cute photos we've taken of Hallie and regale you with tales of her very first skinned knee and two championship level terrible two temper tantrums tomorrow.

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