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Friday, April 25, 2008


....a vomit free day for Hallie.

Hallie had a good day yesterday. Grammy came up from NJ to take care of her (Ami is off with her niece, and both Sharon and I had to work). Hallie is on a limited, simple diet of pureed pears, goat milk formula, and some juice. She's doing a lot better and seems to be feeling fine now.

The moms: not so much. As much as it was a Hallie vomit-free day, it was not an entirely vomit-free day around here because, shortly after getting to work (actually, before even going in), the tummy crud hit Sharon hard. She spent most of the morning racing to the bathroom (which inconveniently are located far from where she sits since the closer bathrooms are under construction. Normally this would not matter. But yesterday was no normal day).

Around about 2:30pm, when Sharon started spewing forth from top and bottom, she headed home. (Sorry, Sharon, for spreading TMI about you; think of this as Hallie's revenge on us for blogging about her).

Anyway, I was hit hard around 6pm and the night was pretty dreadful for both moms. We can now totally commiserate with our little girl and completely understand why, under these circumstances, she had no desire to eat anything whatsoever.

Hopefully this will pass for both of us as quickly as it did for Miss Hallie (Sharon is already feeling a lot better; my tummy is still in a pretty sensitive place, in spite of my chugging pepto bismol, but if the trajectory we've laid out for this disease applies to me, I should pretty much be fine by 7pm tonight).


Anonymous said...

As crappy as the stomach bug is, isn't it great to know why Hallie was vomiting so profusely? I was so relieved the first time I was heaving into the toilet last week. I remember lying in bed, in total pain, feeling like I had just won the lottery.

I'm so sorry you and Sharon aren't feeling well, but it will pass, and you'll be back to every-now-and-then-vomits in no time. Something to look forward to :)


Cora said...

Oh no ladies, the stomach bug is just horrible. We got a great taste of it thanks to Amelia a couple of months ago. She is still being referred to as Typhoid Mary by a couple of neighboors!

But, I'm also so glad that it was only a bug that made Hallie puke like she was. 24 hours of hell, and then we were feeling much better.

Heidi said...

Strange how we can be grateful to realize it's "just" a virus, huh? :)

I hope you are all feeling better now...