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Sunday, April 27, 2008

March for Babies Update

We're in the wee small hours before our big march, and I just wanted to provide a short update to let you know that we've managed to raise almost (but not quite) $2800. That's a bit down from last year (when we somehow miraculously cleared the $4000 mark), but none too shabby.

We'd like to thank our neighbor, Marilyn, for joining our team this year and one particularly generous anonymous donor who wishes to remain anonymous for a contribution of a little more than half of our team's proceeds for March of Dimes. This particular person has been with us all the way, literally through thick and thin on this journey, and we adore him and his loved ones tremendously. Anonymous donor, if you read this, you rock!

Anyway, there's still time to contribute, so please click on the link on the sidebar if you haven't already done so, and wish us luck tomorrow on our walk (truth be told, since it's hard to keep a toddler in a stroller and her grandmother, Bubbe Jean, who came down to visit from NY will have a hard time making the walk, too, we'll be doing an abbreviated version of the 6 miles and celebrating our team's success over brunch. But still, think about adding your 5 or 10 or more dollars to our team's fundraising efforts for this worthy cause that is near and dear to our hearts!

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