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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's the Pits...

The IKEA ball pits, that is.

Yes, I know that it's already verging on RSV season and that we're probably taking a bit of a chance here, but yesterday Hallie had a ton of fun playing in the blueberry patch ball pit at IKEA while Aunt Laura shopped for a new bed for cousin Sarah. Hallie found the whole IKEA experience to be a lot of fun. What's not to love--bright colors, kid-friendly patterns and textures, and made up names for things. It's a kid's paradise. Add that to the adult potential for retail therapy and we have a new fun place to play this fall. Of course we'll be less loved when we show up with a big can of lysol spray, but hey...

Here's Hallie with cousin Adam:

And yes, she looks overwhelmed, but rest assured that she had a fun time.

I'll try to upload pics of Hallie on the carousel at Franklin Square, a very fun new park in Center City Philly, that I took with my phone later on today, provided that I can figure out how to mail these to myself. We'll be taking her, and hopefully Karina, back there soon for their Hallowe'en festivities. We're hoping to coax our kidlet into her piglet costume. She'll be fine with the plush fabric of the costume but I cannot imagine getting her to wear the pig hood willingly!


Laura said...

just so you know you are living on the dangerous edge playing in the ball pit.
what a cutie she is!

abby said...

Sadly, you are so, so right, Laura. I'm not sure if it was the ballpit, teething, cousin Adam (who started getting sick when he was visiting), but Hallie has a cold again. Yuck. Very snotty and lots of sneezing. We're hoping to avoid the sinus/ear infection thing this time around, but I suspect that we'll be hitting our ped. up for some antibiotics some time soon. Happily, we've been approved by Hallie's supplemental (which is not so supplemental now that Sharon is between jobs and insurance) medicaid insurance for Synagis and the first dose comes in next week. But I suspect we'd have benefited from this already. SIgh. No ball pits in our near future!