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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fashion Forward Two Year Old

I mostly live in Eddie Bauer or LL Bean shorts and tees in summer and Ann Taylor or Banana Republic pants and sweaters in winter; Sharon dresses in tailored slacks and shirts and sweaters (some of them mine...I guess this is a benefit of being a same-sex couple. Fashion-sensibility, alas, is not!). Hallie, however, seems to be headed down a fashion path of her own making, which definitely holds a candle (and what a lovely 2 year old candle, indeed) to all of the fashion-forward styles on display in Sex and the City, which we quite happily went to see tonight, despite the somewhat problematic digestive issues that our far more couture-evolved two year old experienced today (Thank you, Ami, for providing us with summer date nights!)

Both of us have been allowing Hallie to choose her outfits really, and does this girl know how to accessorize! From crazy leg warmers in summertime to shiny boots, shades, and yes, even hats, we've got quite the little mini fashionplate in our home. Her sense of style is eclectic, and certainly matches the unique 23 weeker that she is.

So, without any further ado, allow me to feature some recent shots that will give any runway model a run for her money:

And lest we forget, here's a couple of pics of Princess Hallie on the night of her birthday:

While it is certainly true that it was I who purchased the pink tiara (and the pink sunglasses, and the pink boots), please note that I do believe that her new favorite color is pink. She signs it and says it quite nicely, and boy does this girl (who is now enamored of Zoe from Sesame Street) know what she wants. And thank you, thank you, thank you, Rachel Coleman---not only for the lovely and over the top birthday gift for our amazing little micropreemie, but also for teaching her all of her colors! Even if the Academy's members (whoever they are) didn't vote for you guys, you know that you guys are winners here in our home! And, for the record, even if NY boasts a good cannoli, and even if I am originally from the Big Apple, the best ones are from Philly...we'll be sending you guys some from the Italian Market here in Philly pronto!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for pics from the Hallie birthday bash!


Anna Sawin said...

Love the fashionista!

We all send belated wishes to Hallie on her birthday--Henry had a grand time with his first chocolate today!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Hallie!!

I love those boots! With the petite frame, she is going to be giving runway divas a run for their money ;)