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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Things Hallie Loves

Hallie's having a blast of a time in her last two weeks of being one year old (isn't THAT a frightening thought?)

First, we're catsitting (or Katie-sitting) for our good friends and fellow commune (too soon to be ex-commune) members, Josh and Nancie. Katie has been here since Tuesday and Hallie is in Kitty Heaven.

Every opportunity she gets, Hallie can be seen doing this:

And this:

Katie is a pretty indulgent feline, but she often can be seen running away from our eager toddler. She mostly prefers to scratch at our furniture, get up on the table to see what tasty morsels or toys might be on it (she has this in common with Hallie), or scratching to get out the front or back door (she is an outside cat at J and N's but an inside cat here, mostly because I do not relish the thought of racing down the street screeching "here Katie, Katie" at 3am, which is what I had to do one time when I was cat-and-dog sitting while in grad school.

The other thing that Hallie likes to do is feed herself. This is no easy task for our mostly-puree-fed nearly two year old. We have begun to give her the beloved Krinkle Sticks (sea salt flavored baked potato sticks from A Lesser Evil) again, and she begs us for these regularly by following us around and pleading for "a stick." We're thrilled that the potatoes seem to be a clear in the allergen-ridden universe inhabited by Hallie. But, in an effort to venture forth into the world of multiple starches (not to mention open up the potential for some delectable gluten-free yellow cake mix from which we can make a Big Bird birthday cake), we're now trialing rice. Here's a pic of Hallie feeding some to herself:

She's not quite sure what to make of the rice, but isn't resistant to the concept of it, either:

We're not sure whether it's a go yet, but we do know that she's not massively allergic since she did not react to the ten or twenty grains she managed to get in herself and not on herself.

Of course, left to her own devices, she would prefer to eat "icy"---this is her word for ice cubes. Her love for these is unrivaled and she demands them constantly. She does know how to open her freezer (note to self: do not purchase a chic energy efficient bottom freezer model if you have or foresee having an ice-loving toddler), but usually waits for us to do it for her. We're trying to get her to say please (well, sign it) and thank you (both in sign and as a word approximation), but she usually is too fixated on her beloved icy to do so.

Here's a pic of our girl chillin' out with her icy:

Finally, on a very high note, today marks FIFTY vomit-free days in 2008. Because I am a total geek, I can tell you that today is the 152nd day of the year. It's also a two-day streak that we hope to turn into a three-day streak so as to keep up with our 1/3 vomit free days policy. We'll see if the kiddo complies, but right now she is sleeping soundly and I hope to be soon, too!


Trisha said...

Caleb has an ice obsession too, except he calls it "eyes." He's made up his own sign for it and points to his eye when he wants it. He would only eat ice for his meals if we'd let him. Too bad there isn't a darn calorie in them! Hallie's adorable as always!

abby said...

Funny---we've thought about the calorie thing and of course were as vexed as you guys. So we tried freezing some of Hallie's pear juice and guess what--it was a no go! This kid can spot a calorie a mile away and avoid it like the plague. We had a kind of traumatic day around here where I'm pretty sure as many calories came out of her as went into her, and it killed me every time she requested an icy instead of food. Oy!

Heidi said...

I have a toddler obsessed with ice cubes, too! I have no idea why she likes to chew and suck on them - maybe cutting two year molars? Or perhaps because we're in the Texas heat?? But Emy is obsessed. Thankfully our freezer is over her head or she would be helping herself. :)