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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Drummer Girl

We are perhaps the only parents in the universe who are thrilled that our kid has a drumset. But when your kid has spent a lot of time in silence and has a paralyzed vocal cord, you do get kind of a thrill when you hear her make big noise.

Thank you Aunties Neystice and Kim for the lovely birthday present. Hallie loves it (and for some unknown reason is particularly fond of carrying around the snare's 'stand'. We'd love to know why, but this, like many things toddler, is a big, huge mystery to us).


Judith and Jason said...

You Go Ringo!

Dubin said...

Get out!!!!

I love it.

She can be Sam's drum bimbo.

Smartash said...

I just recently stumbled upon your blog through a friend's blog (prayforcoy) and wanted to leave a note of encouragement and thanks.

Your daughter is gorgeous and it seems that her energy cup runneth over :) Keep up the good work!

And Thank You... because although it may just be a normal, mundane life to you two, just seeing your pictures and reading your story has refreshed my much needed hope in a happily ever after.