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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look Ma, No Shirt!

Hallie loves to go naked whenever possible, and her favorite item to pull off is her shirt (for some perverse reason, she loves putting on pants and socks and leg warmers and is a masterful self-shoe-shodder, but she hates shirts and always has. Onesies are the worst. Anyway, there is nary a day when she doesn't take off her shirt, and consequently we have ample opportunity to take pictures of her exposed belly.

The kid loves climbing; in clear defiance of Occam's razor, which stipulates that, all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best, Hallie never takes the easiest path between two points. She prefers to climb over things rather than walk by them, as is evident below:

This last one is one of our favorites since it's a rare full-on smile from our girl (who has, apparently, taken as much of a liking to hates as she has a distaste to shirts):

Not much else going on here--Hallie's had a relatively uneventful week and is now at 119 vomit-free days (sadly, today was not one of them). She has a pretty miserable diaper rash, the origins of which we cannot pinpoint, and may be losing her ear tubes (she's been playing with her ears for the past couple of days). But otherwise, she is being sweet, smart, and sassy and her usual self. We're planning on a food trial beginning on Friday: black beans. Wish us well since part of our stability of late has everything to do with our suspension of food trials and we're hoping that this goes well (especially since we have a preemie meet up coming up this Sunday and would like Hallie to be in fine form for her little friends).

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