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Friday, October 24, 2008

A Mostly Picture Post

I still haven't located my original iPhoto disks and, particularly with what's happening in the economy (which is being mirrored by what is happening in our 401Ks), I'm reluctant to buy the new version right now and haven't had time to do a really thorough search for some freeware that will do the trick. But I can't not post pictures on the blog until I sort this out, so I'm going to try to get some up here so that we have some pictorial chronicle of Hallie's life for the past month!


Hallie loves her glasses and seems to appreciate whacky fashion in the same way that most toddler do...

And there is simply nothing better than laying back in a plastic tupperware and cracking open a nice cold one:

A Visit to the Howell Living History Farm with Eliza Grace and Elisabeth:

Here's a nice picture of Anne, holding Eliza, who--like most other 2 year olds--is looking away from the camera when we asked her to look toward it.

Decorating Pumpkins and Cavorting at Franklin Square with Hannah and Adam:

Here's a nice one of Hannah and Adam:

Hallie took her first solo carousel ride:

Visiting the Zoo with Alex.

Here Hallie is acquainting herself with goats, who are our favorite animals these days (and have been for nearly a year now).

Hallie loved sitting in this tractor and wouldn't get down for a very long time:

Apparently there's a horse theme here...I personally think that Sharon is grooming Hallie to be a horse lover like herself (...and don't blame me if our kid follows in your footsteps and comes home from high school one day telling us that she's devised this scheme for buying herself a horse! Actually, that would be very wonderful, though a goat might be a better choice given that we do have a backyard that needs a bit of grooming and we sure as heck could use a cheap source of goat milk).


In other news, I am in the process of losing count of how many spew-free days we've had this year. I think it's 137 at this point, but the big deal here is that there have been so many in a row that it is possible to lose count. Caveat: We do think that a daily diet of too many apricots is increasing Hallie's reflux and discomfort though, so, even though she isn't vomiting, we've decided to try her on apricots only every other day to see if this helps. We suspect she did the same thing with peaches (could eat a little, but not a lot of them). Still, what this signals is that maybe there is hope that she can handle small amounts of some foods without totally getting her system out of whack.

And Sharon is still happily pregnant. We compute things a day off of the ticker (above) but we are closing in on 25 weeks. Our next big goal: getting Sharon into the 3rd trimester.

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