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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


....because this really is about Hallie, and all of her little friends, and the future, and the world that we live in, and the American way and pretty much everything else that is important in this corner of the universe.

I don't think anyone who knows me has any doubts about this, but I've voted in every election (but one) since I turned 18. But this election matters more than most, and, while I am an unabashed Obama supporter, honestly, I'd rather that you vote for someone else than not vote at all.

Voter registration closes in a few short days, and our virtual friend Laura over at Adventures in Juggling linked to this important PSA:

So, make sure to tell five friends to register to vote, and then make sure that they do go out and actually cast their ballots on Election Day (a mere one month and 3 days from now). I believe enough in this great country to believe that we have some power to help shape our kids' future, and one fundamental way we're going to be able to do this is by voting come November 4th.


Laura said...

you narrowed it all down to the most important point of all. it is all about our kids.
get out and VOTE!
thanks for the mention
love you girls!

The Microblogologist said...

Think I will finally get off my butt and re-register today, thanks for the extra push! I have been debating which route to take for over a month, register here or absentee there. Being a college student I have a semi-split residence between Illinois and Iowa though technically being a grad student I am really more of an Iowa resident but don't want to fully switch over. I've finally decided to risk it and register here, I hope they don't tell the DMV, my car is NOT switching! Wish me luck, lol.


Kirsten Wood said...

I sent the link to friends and to all 134 of my survey students. I hope they watch it and send it on, I hope they register, and I hope they VOTE.