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Monday, June 29, 2009


Well it seems that Lea isn't going to have any difficulty in the food department!

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While she loved her apples and rice cereal so much that she grabbed the spoon out of Sharon's hand and started to feed herself, she was even more eager to snatch pizza from Sharon's plate:

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Now if we could only get the teething thing under control, we'd be set. The last several nights, Lea was inconsolable between midnight and 1:00am. At first, I believed it was me and the fact that I lacked what she really wanted and that she'd be okay as long as she had mommy (and her milk) available at night. Last night we confirmed that nothing and no one really could make her feel any better. Poor kid! But hopefully the teeth will come in soon and we'll get a reprieve.


Anne said...

I am pretty sure if you gave Lea a nice ribeye to chew on she would (a) enjoy it and (b) it would help her teething! Keep an eye out for the Henckels delivery :)

Good for you guys to just have silly old normal stuff like teething to worry about!

Trisha said...

Isn't having a "normal" eater AMAZING?!

Ms.Kitty said...

Tylenol. it's the only thing that helps the boy.

Dubin said...

I like the salt featured prominently in that photo. Because who, after all, eat pizza without salt? Not Lea, I'll bet...

Marie said...

A. and S.!!! You have another daughter! Congratulations. Hallie and Olivia look like more than four handfuls. Yes, I know all the other people reading this will say that I am behind on the times. A., I sent you an email that bounced back. Send me your current email address please!