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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Like Grammy...

We spent Friday and Saturday nights at Grammy's this weekend so that Hallie could go to hippotherapy bright and early (for us...our appointment is at 12:15pm, but between the fact that Hallie is a slow poke eater---a serious understatement---and shore traffic, we need to spend Friday night in Northfield or Egg Harbor Township). When she woke up, she had breakfast with the family at the table. Since Grammy was eating cheerios, Hallie requested some too (she says "cheerial"--a combo of cheerios and cereal--which we think is really cute). And since Grammy was eating hers out of a bowl with a spoon, that's what Hallie wanted to do. This is quite a bit of progress for a kid who hates dishes and utensils and asks me to "dump it" whenever I bring her food in a bowl. And, since Grammy was reading the newspaper with her breakfast, Hallie requested a section of the newspaper and started reading, too.

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1 comment:

Sara Cohen said...

She looks so grown up! What great progress. I can't wait to hear more about hippotherapy! why is it called that by the way?