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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sitting Pretty

Lea's been sitting unassisted for a couple of minutes at a time for about ten or so days now, but now she seems to have mastered the skill sufficiently to allow me time to grab the camera and take a shot of her in action without fear of her toppling over and hurting herself.

On an unrelated matter, it seems that kids who are not on oxygen and have their own always-at-the-ready nasal canula upon which to hold are at a real disadvantage relative to their oxygen-dependent counterparts. Hallie always used her canula as a security blanket, of sorts. Here's a picture of Hallie at about 4 months (corrected) holding her love object:

Lea had to go and find a hula hoop to grasp to derive the same pleasure.
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Anne said...

So it is true...babies really do sit up on their own at this age?

Way to go Lea!

Heidi said...

How funny, Bennett was the same way with his oxygen tubing but I hadn't thought about it as a security object. I find when the kids start to stand they also need to be holding onto something - not for physical support but probably for the emotional support/distraction!

Sherry C said...

I just came across your blog and i had to tell you i love the pictures of your little girls sitting up. My little girl who is now 4 year old also had oxygen as a baby.