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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Pigeon Ate a Hotdog

So I'm pretty certain that Hallie is passing her beef challenge, which is great, since it turns out that she does love hot dogs. Maybe it's the power of Mo Willem's suggestion (in the fabulous and often-read The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog and maybe it is the sheer taste sensation, but the kid has been craving her beef lately, and, even more importantly, feeding it to herself. In the hierarchy of foods, there is no doubt that french fries win out, but tonight Hallie downed about a third to half a hotdog with gusto and relish ( relish. We haven't conducted a pickle relish, or for that matter, mustard trial yet!).

Naturally, since it's so wonderful to chronicle good eating experiences, I pulled out the camera. Hallie can tell when the camera is being whipped out and hears the noise that it makes when it is turned on, so she looked up. I said "smile" to her as I got ready to snap a shot, and while she didn't quite smile (as is evident in the photo), she said "cheese" back to us. How cool!

The weather, alas, today, was anything but, so we stayed indoors (or, more correctly, she stayed indoors, while Sharon went to her final day of jury duty and I went in search of goat milk provisions and stuff for the moms to eat, too).

Then again, we were all probably too exhausted to play outside with her anyway because our kiddo decided that 3:40am Thursday-into-Friday morning was the perfect time to wake us up with a (for her) resounding "mama!" and "mommy!" and an effort to crawl off the bed to grab some books and a bit of playing. We were neither thrilled nor impressed, so I ran downstairs to grab a bottle. The bottle got her right back to sleep. Alas, it slipped from her lovely little mouth and proceeded to dribble all over the bed and I woke up in a soggy pool of goat milk. Yuck.

As promised, here's a couple of shots of Hallie's body art (a daily routine) from the other night. Note that in the second picture she is lying upside down watching TV. This is a new thing, and slightly odd. But she does seem to enjoy it, and she's a toddler, which is an odd stage of human development in any event.

Final note: five weekdays in a row of spew free existence. I think we're up to 84 days now, but honestly, I'm beginning to lose count. And this is a very good thing indeed.

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